Joining the Borgani Saxophones Family

I’m honored to announce that I am now a Borgani Saxophones Artist. The Borgani family includes many of the musicians who I have admired most throughout my life. I’m eager to continue to develop my sound with their expertise and guidance. Thank you Marco, Massimo & Orfeo for your kindness and dedication! And thank you for believing in me.


Some words about my experience with my new Borgani Jubilee Vintage Tenor Saxophone:

My Borgani Vintage Jubilee Tenor is the instrument I’ve been searching for. From the moment I first played it, the saxophone felt like an extension of my voice. It sings, it wails and it whispers. The tone is sweet, powerful and warm. Until now, I’ve had to decide between playing a comfortable saxophone or playing a saxophone with a nice sound. Borgani instruments combine the beautiful and complex sound of vintage saxophones with modern ergonomics and feel. Their craftmanship is second to none – everyone at Borgani works tirelessly to make the most innovative and beautiful saxophones in the world. And they treat their artists with the utmost respect and care. There’s a reason that the greatest saxophonists over many generations have chosen Borgani saxophones. I personally have never found an instrument that gives me so much joy to play. Borgani instruments have it all!