History of the Saxophone video w/ cdza & California Summer Shows!

You may have heard of the YouTube sensations at cdzacdza is a group of musicians and artists in NYC who create viral YouTube musical experiments. I’ve had an incredible time playing with them for the past year, and I’m happy to announce the premier of my feature “History of the Saxophone” video as part of their INSTRUMENTALS series. It was an exciting challenge to try and squeeze the history of the sax into just under ten minutes, but we did it! Check out the video here, hope you enjoy it.

Also really stoked to play with my Battle Mountain band for three super sweet shows this summer in California. These performances will feature the entire band from my debut album – Ari Chersky on Guitar, Sam Reider on Piano, Rhodes, and Accordion, Garret Lang on Bass, Evan Hughes on Drums, and myself on Saxophone. You can purchase Battle Mountain here on cdBaby, and here on iTunes! And check out our four star review for Battle Mountain from Downbeat Magazine!